It is with trepedition that I start to type. I have been weeks trying to figure out how WordPress works, and although this site is supposed to be about all things Celtic this Celt has firstly to work out the technology. Its’ been a bit like swimming in custard, all I have been doing is seeming to shift all the junk behind me without understanding what I have been trying to do.

One of the reasons I have set up this blog is to help market my new novel THE BLOODMOON PROPHECY. Learning how this is done is definitely an uphill struggle. I bought a book entitle “HOW TO LAUNCH AND MARKET A BOOK by Dr Melissa Caudle. Having researched on the net I find that there are people who are willing to market and publish a book but want 5,000 dollars for doing so. If like me you do not have this sort of money, but have the determination to do it the book sets out clearly the psychology and the marketing techniques needed to accomplish this task.

The structure of this blog will be organic, apart from my marketing of the book which I shall keep y’all informed of. I hope that it will be a meeting place for fellow Celts from the States and around the world. When I have finally set this site up I will welcome correspondence and photos from my fellow Celts, or anyone else who is interested. All are welcome!

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