Today is the Summer Solstice celebrated at Stonehenge Glastonbury and other ancient sites all over Britain by thousands of people. This is a celebration of the beautiful planet we call Earth and the thousands of life forms supported by the heat of the Sun

Earth is a miracle of God’s creation and we should be thankful for all the variety of human beings cultures and races which have survived on this very beautiful and unique planet.

The ancients including the Celts celebrated with fire and festivites the fertility of both human kind and the planet called earth. There are stone circles all over Britain aligned to the Sun, the Moon and the planets which indicated the Solstices and the quarters. Later on they became shrouded in superstition and the Christians coverted these celebrations into Saints Days.

Whatever philosphical or religious persuasion you follow give thanks for the miracle and the diversity of life which has been bestowed upon us. We do not know the reason for this but surely one of our objectives is to love one another and love and keep the fragile beauty of this planet and look after it before it becomes too late

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